Marina di Bibbona

Marina di Bibbona

Marina di Bibbona is a fraction of the municipality of Bibbona, in the province of Livorno.

Located in the center of the Tuscan Maremma coast, it is a small and modern seaside resort.
The quality and crystalline color of the water in this stretch of coast has earned the town the European “Blue Flag” recognition since 2003.

The sea of Marina di Bibbona is particularly appreciated by families both for the long sandy beach, suitable for those who want to sunbathe in peace, and for the gentle slope of the seabed, perfect for the entertainment of the little ones.

Here children can enjoy long and safe days at the beach.

The country also offers many high quality solutions for tourist accommodation.

Visitors can choose the accommodation they prefer from a large number of hotels, residences, campsites and apartments.
The hamlet developed around the famous fort, built directly on the beach in the second half of the 1700s to protect the town from possible pirate attacks.

Forte of Marina di Bibbona

A few kilometers from the town there are important medieval villages such as Castagneto Carducci and Bolgheri, Guardistallo and Montescudaio. The cuisine of the area is mostly based on local oil and wine, two excellent quality products that go perfectly with the traditional Tuscan recipes prepared by the restaurants in the area.

Both are appreciated by both residents and tourists, in the Bibbona area there are in fact several important realities that have been awarded in recent years with some international awards (such as the DOP of Terratico wine).

To see if you are on the site, there is the Church of Cristo Nostra Pace, the Church of the Madonna del Mare (inside there is the triptych of the Madonna del Mare by the painter Gianni Oliveti) and finally the aforementioned Fort of Marina di Bibbona.

The locality is very quiet, with lots of playgrounds for children and pine forests. Of note, the pine forest along the seafront that connects Marina di Bibbona to Marina di Cecina, used for walking, running or cycling.

The bicycle rental is located in various points of Marina di Bibbona.

In the evening you can go out on foot in the quiet Marina di Bibbona, where there are plenty of clubs, or you can dive into the nightlife of the splendid walks of Marina di Cecina or San Vincenzo.